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Also known as power animals or spirit guides, Spirit Animals are your spiritual teacher or messenger in animal form. 
They relate to you with their unique skills and characteristics and manifest themselves to help you overcome
the challenges in life.
Each personalized painting of your Spirit Animal comes with a channeled message of the positive qualities the animal embodies. Connect with your own Spirit Animal to receive the qualities they bestow you.


Personalized paintings of your Spirit Animal Guides, channeled through Akashic Records.
By award-winning artist Josef L.

Josef L. is a multi-disciplinary artist, visual storyteller, and popular children's book author from Singapore.
He is also a skilled Reiki practitioner and a certified Akashic Records reader for many years.

Ever since Josef learned how to access the Akashic Records, he discovered his ability to see Spirit Animals
and sense their energies. He now combines his psychic ability with his passion for drawing to create beautiful artworks of personalized Spirit Animal Guides. 


"This is a divine gift that I am blessed with, and I hope to use this talent to help more people to find and connect with their Spirit Animals. 

To receive the qualities they bestow, for you to reach your fullest potential."

MULBERRY_00006_Leia Tan.jpg

Leia T.

I am very very touched.

Tears welling up when reading

the descriptions of

my Spirit Animal.

MULBERRY_00003_Connie Xie.jpg

Connie X.

Josef’s drawing is very very beautiful, vivid and like a lucid dream

I had before. 3D and colourful.

I can sense the energy sending

out from it.

MULBERRY_00002_Wendy Yeung.jpg


When I load my phone screen with an image of my Spirit Animal and connect with its energy of abundance,

I immediately received a few new bookings from my clients.



Call/Whatsapp: +65 9695 6440

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"The Mulberry Tree signifies great abundance and beauty.

Being such giving plants, they are a source of food for all, humans and animals alike. Mulberries are natural magnets for all kinds of life, attracting birds, humans, and animals.

Even Spirit Animals."

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